Pleasure Cove

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Welcome to the rapidly growing Southern beach town of Pleasure Cove, North Carolina. Pleasure Cove is the primary setting for my Pleasure Cove series–a sexy, contemporary romance series, published by Harlequin’s Kimani Romance line.

Red Sea Aqaba Jordan courtesy of Colin Tsoi

Welcome to Pleasure Cove, North Carolina.


About the Pleasure Cove Series

Pleasure Cove–a fictional beach resort town in Outer Banks, North Carolina–is home to a diverse population of natives and transplants who call the town home. I’m excited to introduce you to the men and women of Pleasure Cove.

The men of this series–a British ex-pat hotelier, pro football player, New York lawyer and two entrepreneurs–are determined and passionate. They live hard and player harder. Each man is willing to take risks when it comes to business and pleasure, but not when it comes to his heart. The deep betrayal each man has experienced in his past has left deep scars. Rather than dealing with the pain, they’ve chosen never to give their hearts to anyone, until each meets the one woman he can’t bear to walk away from.

The women of this series include a non-profit program director, a media consultant, a freelance graphic designer, a beach volleyball gold medalist and a bohemian wedding and event planner. Strong, smart and independent, they, too, have been hurt and are reluctant to take a chance on love again. Each woman deals in her own way with insecurities sown from past relationships. Yet, they discover that letting go can be empowering and that the right man makes love worth the risk.

Wilmington, North Carolina courtesy of Rebecca Milby. Some rights reserved.

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