Baby Be Mine by Reese Ryan

Baby Be Mine by Reese Ryan. Photo of couple holding hands courtesy of William Stitt

When Mitchell Johnston returns to Pleasure Cove for the holidays it’s to escape his dull corporate job. But he’s immediately confronted by the very reason he left town ten years ago—his best friend’s beautiful and vivacious little sister, Monique James. He can’t deny that he’s attracted to the outspoken and unconventional artist, but won’t gamble a lifelong friendship on what could only be a short-lived fling.

A New Year’s Eve kiss does little to douse the flames of Monique James’s dangerously flirtatious relationship with Mitch. But after an intensely passionate night together, a deep-rooted secret is uncovered and the aftermath of it leaves them both in very different places. Monique would like to forget Mitch’s heartbreaking rejection, but not before he realizes the truth…that they were destined to be together.

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