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Authors would just be a bunch of eccentrics who make up stories about imaginary people if it weren’t for the amazing readers who buy into the worlds we create and the characters we develop. So thank you dear reader, or potential reader, for taking the time to visit my website and read my stories. This page includes goodies for readers, so be sure to join my newsletter list below to be informed of anything new.


Making the First Move excerpt

Love Me Not excerpt

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Request an Authorgraph

As an e-book reader, do you miss getting your book signed by the author? Well, here are two ways to get your next book signed. If you’d like to keep it digital, request an Authorgraph and I’ll send you a personalized, electronic signature to add to your Kindle copy of my books.

If you would prefer to have a hard copy, keep reading to learn about the exciting Keeper Kase™ program!

What is a Keeper Kase™?

The Keeper Kase™ is a brilliant idea that NYT Bestselling author Dianna Love developed as a way for fans to get a signed book cover from their favorite authors. Simply put, the Keeper Kase™ is a photo album that holds 4×6 book covers. You can request a signed, personalized Keeper Kase Card™ from any participating author.

See the list of participating authors below. Keeper Kase Cards™ are available for Love Me Not and Making the First Move. Please indicate which card(s) you’re requesting. If no particular title is indicated, a Keeper Kase Card™ will be randomly selected. (Please note postage for 2 cards below.)

To get your free, signed Keeper Kase Card™, send a SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope) to:

Reese Ryan
P.O. Box 614
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

If you’d like both cards, the envelope will require 65¢ in postage. Please indicate how you’d like your name to be written when personalized.

Making the First Move Keeper Kase Card


Participating KeeperKase™ Program Authors

Adrienne Giordano Kelly L. Stone Tracey Devlyn
Anne Elizabeth Berinn Rae Colleen Gleason
Joss Ware Debbie Kaufman Hildie McQueen
Jeanne Adams Linda McMaken Nancy Naigle
Nancy Northcott Mary Buckham Ella Quinn
Marilyn Baron Shannyn Schroeder Tonya Kappes

And, of course…Dianna Love.


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