Beta Readers Needed

Stacking Up and Defying Time courtesy of Susana Fernandez.

Are you an avid reader who thinks about what you’ve ready critically? When you read a work you liked (or didn’t like) can you articulate the good and bad points constructively and specifically?

If so, you just might be the beta reader I’m looking for. With several series planned for 2015-2016, I will have lots of opportunities for good beta readers. So if you enjoy reading sexy, contemporary multicultural romance, keep reading to see if you meet my beta reader qualifications.

Beta Reader Qualifications:

  • Avid reader.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Command of basic grammar.
  • Reliable computer/internet access.
  • Must have read one of my books.
  • Have the ability to constructively explain why a scene or character did or didn’t work for you. (It was good or I didn’t like it aren’t specific enough.)
  • Able to read entire novel, complete beta reader questionnaire and submit within three weeks.
  • Able to respond to emails in a timely fashion.
  • Willing to read, complete and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. (Seriously, you’ll need to be Secret Squirrel during the early phases.)
  • Willing to complete small beta reading test sample.

What are the benefits of being a beta reader?

  • First to read new material.
  • Acknowledged in books for which you served as a beta reader.
  • Special beta reader giveaways and opportunities.

Still interested?

Good. Now read this excellent Quick Guide to Beta Reader Etiquette by K.M. Weiland to understand the experience from both sides of the process. Then, if you are still interested in being a beta reader for one or more of my new series, download and read this 4-page beta reader sample, then complete the form below: